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Dried herbs focaccia

Dried herbs focaccia

If  I had more time (duuhh) I would like to bake more of my own bread. Right now I’ve the time to bake focaccia. And pizza, but that’s another story… and another post in my blog? 😉  But back to the focaccia. I got these dried herbs from my sister’s fiancee’s mother. That’s a difficult one I let you brood on….


  • flour
  • yeast
  • salt
  • sugar
  • warm water
  • dried herbs (oregano, thyme, actually you try the one you like the most)


  1. weigh the flour, yeah… this time one needs to be accurate. So, for 2 average sized focaccias you need about 500g flour and about 7 g dried yeast (or a cube). Put it in a bowl, make a hole in the middle, put some salt around on the rim of the bowl. Pour the dried yeast in the middle of the hole along with a soupspoon of sugar (this’ll help the focaccia rise).
  2. add about 3, 25 dl of warm water and mix
  3. knead the dough
  4. when it doesn’t stick any more (or just a little bit), it’s ready to rise, so cover it and put it somewhere lukewarm (I put it in the oven) for about an hour (otherwise take it out as soon as it has doubled in size);
  5. cut it into 2 pieces;
  6. put it on the baking tray and kneed it out with your fingers;
  7. cut it, but not through into diamonds, brush with olive oil, put a generous amount of fleur de sel and
  8. cook for about 20 min. at 180-200 °;
  9. cut and taste

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