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Smoked salmon Flammkuchen

Smoked salmon Flammkuchen

I’m leaving in a few days, and I have to empty the frigde… no desire of coming back and seeing that it has developed a life of its own *yuck*. I still had some smoked salmon I bought for a dinner with friends and that I didn’t use because there was enough food already. Plus I wanted to try the flammkuchen.


  • pizza dough (in this case 300g flour, about 2dl of water, salt, yeast, sugar)
  • sour milk
  • smoked salmon
  • chives
  • maldon salt


  1. prepare the pizza dough and let it rise;
  2. roll out the dough very thinly;
  3. spread some sour milk on it and cook in a ventilated oven at 180 °C for about 10-15 min;
  4. put the smoked salmon on top;
  5. decorate with finly chopped chives and maldon salt.

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