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Thai Spoon

Thai Spoon

It was nearing 5 o’clock once more, I had a few asparagi left in my fridge and some shrimps , but wanted to do something different. No shrimp wrapped in prosciutto and then grilled, no grilled asparagi… something new, and so.. here it is. My first recipe on my blog.


  • shrimps
  • asparagi
  • coconut milk
  • green curry paste
  • sour milk


  1. cook the asparagi in salted water and as soon as they’re ready, plunge them in icy water, to preserve the colour;
  2. cut them diagonally and split the tips on the long side;
  3. heat a little coconut milk and mix it with some sour milk (good stuff doesn’t need to be extra caloric!), add a little bit of green curry paste;
  4. grill the shrimps in a grill pan (no need to heat the big grill for that one);
  5. put the curry-coconut milk-sour milk mix on the spoon;
  6. add the grilled shrimp, a tip and one piece of the body of the asparagus.

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