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Chicken liver paté

Chicken liver paté

Fall is here, now, I don’t want to spend time telling you guys how nice and glorious the colours are… it’ll be too cheesy (in fact the colours are beautiful, but do I have a gardening or something blog? NO). Anyway all these reddish and orange colours do inspire me to prepare other things, like the one I did saturday. A paté made of chicken liver, now don’t go all yucky, it doesn’t really taste too livery, ’cause I don’t like it myself, and also the consistance, is not cartboardy like it would be if you had pure livers.


  • chicken livers
  • butter
  • flat leave parsley
  • cognac
  • white wine
  • cream
  • thyme
  • garlic
  • gelatine


  1. first of all clean the livers under fresh water and try to cut out the sinewy part;
  2. soak the gelatine sheets in cold water;
  3. cook the livers in a pan with butter, garlic and thyme,
  4. when they’re almost done, pour some cognac and let it reduce a little bit;
  5. season to taste;
  6. take the pan away from the heat but leave the livers inside to finish;
  7. put the content of the pan in the mixer, add some cream and blizz;
  8. take some of it out and use to dissolve the gelatine;
  9. mix it with the rest;
  10. put it into a form and let it rest for a couple of hours (I did it the evening before);
  11. put a nob of butter in a pan and cook the mushrooms;
  12. add the flat leave parsley and the white wine and finish cooking.

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