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Mini cheese empanaditas

Mini cheese empanaditas

When I bake pizza I always prepare 2 portion of dough, so , since the grown-ups didn’t have it, I still had half of the dough left. Together with the children we prepared little dough balls stuffed with nutella or cheese (disappeared as soon as cooled down), and for the grown-ups I prepared some mini empanaditas. Quick, hot and tasty. I sent a picture of the stuffing via WhatsApp to hubby and it didn’t take long for him to come home…


  • bread dough
  • chilli paste
  • cheese (babybel)
  • coriander


  1. in the blender blizz all the ingredients but the dough and season to taste;
  2. roll out the dough and cut out little squares;
  3. put a little bit of the paste in the center;
  4. close the square pressing the borders and twisting them a little bit.

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