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Rolled crèpes of smoked salmon

Rolled crèpes of smoked salmon

All day I was thinking about what kind of nibble I would prepare in the evening and thought why not prepare some crèpes? The children are sick, outside it’s cold and they can’t go out. Ideas are needed to keep them from destroying the house, because even though sick, they’re still very active and inventive (let’s play this, and ALL the content of ALL the boxes gets tossed around). So “helping” me in the kitchen preparing the afternoon snack together I got already all the ingredients together also for the evening nibble.


  • flour
  • eggs
  • milk
  • melted butter
  • salt
  • smoked salmon
  • leek
  • sour milk
  • chilli
  • orange fillets
  • coriander


  1. prepare the batter for the crèps by beating eggs, milk, flour and melted butter together until the batter starts to bubble, season with salt;
  2. cook the crèpes;
  3. prepare a spread with sour milk (but also cream cheese would be very nice), very finely chopped leek, chilli, coriander and chopped orange fillets;
  4. spread the mixture on the cooled crèpe, add the smoked salmon;
  5. roll the crèpe and then roll it in clean film, closing the ends very tightely;
  6. leave to rest for at least 30 min in the fridge;
  7. serve it cut into pieces.

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