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Tartare of beef with orange and leek

Tartare of beef with orange and leek

Since I started this blog I’m constantly thinking about food, how to combine it, what to prepare… No, let’s be honest, I always think about food… A couple of days before I had bought an orange to use its zest in a preparation, and was left with ALL the rest of the orange, which was quite a bit. I used some of the orange fillets for a nibble (the one with the crèpes) but still had most of them. So what to do with it?


  • rump of beef
  • orange fillets
  • leek
  • orange pepper
  • flat leave parsley
  • egg yolk
  • garlic
  • orange juice
  • cognac
  • olive oil
  • tabasco


  1. cut the meat into very small cubes, but gently;
  2. chop the orange fillets and put them into a bowl;
  3. add the finely chopped leeks and garlic;
  4. the finely chopped flat leave parsley;
  5. a shot of tabasco, a small shot of cognac and the juice of the filleted orange;
  6. olive oil;
  7. add the egg yolk;
  8. season to taste with salt, pepper and orange pepper;
  9. add the meat and mix gently.

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