Fabulouslittlenibbles is back !!!

I am baaaaack!

That bad bad BAD BAD unprofessional hoster! That’s all I can say. I (we) paid for back ups, which it didn’t do, even though we paid for it *stillveryangryaboutthatam* and so I had to go hunting for all of my posts – and I don’t want to hear anything about “you should have thought of backups yourself”. Anyway, the good news is: I’m finally back online and ready to post! The not so good news is that the ones who registered will have to do that again, and all the links to the older posts published on Twitter and Facebook don’t work, you’ll have to come on my blog to read them (which is, in the end and egoistically speaking, not that bad for me…). And the other not so good news is that all the comments have gone… so pleasepleasepleaseprettyplease will you post some new comments?

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