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Hot röstini with lemon shrimps

Hot röstini with lemon shrimps

Rösti is one of my favourite dishes. It’s done with either raw or cooked   potatoes (ones with a high content in starch) and can be served with anything, from rustic to classy (yes, why not?). I think it’s also a wonderful little nibble, provided you keep it small enough to be just bitesize.


  • potatoes
  • chillies
  • rosemary
  • shrimps
  • lemon zest & juice
  • olive oil
  • butter


  1. peel the potatoes and grate them very finely;
  2. squeeze all the juice out of the potatoes and put them in a bowl;
  3. season and add chopped chilli and rosemary;
  4. form little rounds of potato mixture in a pan with olive oil and a nob of butter;
  5. cook them flipping them around from time to time and press them down to flatten them;
  6. separately marinate the shrimps in lemon zest and juice, black pepper and a chrushed clove of garlic;
  7. cook them in a pan with a little bit of oil;
  8. serve them on the röstini sprinkling them with a little bit of coarse salt.

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