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Mais cream soup with fried carrot ribbons

Mais cream soup with fried carrot ribbons

All these pumpkins around, and read leaves, and deco mais popping up everywhere. And yeah, it’s still fall, it’s still cold with no snow (I’m outing myself as a snowfan). To warm you up from the inside there’s nothing better than a warm soup, I’ve published a few already, here the next one.


  • corn cobs
  • carrots
  • vegetable broth
  • olive oil
  • salt & pepper


  1. Loose the corn from the cob, put it in a pot with some vegetable broth and cook it until ready;
  2. season to taste and blizz it, then pass it through a strainer;
  3. peel a carrot and then, still with the potato peeler, make long ribbons out of it;
  4. heat a little bit of oil and fry the ribbons;
  5. take them out, put them on a piece of kitchen paper to take away the eccess oil and salt;
  6. put the fried carrot ribbons on the cream soup.

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