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Hot cheese crostini

Hot cheese crostini

So what do you do if you have tons (well maybe not exactly tons, but still incredible amounts) of raclette cheese left, you always forget to put them in the freezer because there’s always something else more important to do and this you can do in 5 minutes and the 5 minutes become hours and days? *now I’ll have to breathe* Well. You can always do crostini. They’re a welcome quick little nibble. And one for the tough ones…. (I’m so feeling like Tim Allen now).


  • raclette cheese (or any other cheese, semi-hard)
  • chillies (this time I chose jalapeños)
  • baguette bread


  1. grate the cheese, cut the chilli into rings, cut the bread;
  2. put the cheese and the chilli on top;
  3. and now for the fun-Tim-Alleny-part… take out your blow-torch and flame away (or else put it in your owen under the grill until the cheese is melted).

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