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Pumpkin mousse with cheese crust

Pumpkin mousse with cheese crust

Walking by the farmhouse I saw that there still were some pumpkins, the last ones. One especialli caught my eye, all alone, there in the cold… I took it home with me. With the one half I prepared pumpkin gnocchi (someday on the blog, not today) and with the other one a pumpkin mousse. In two version, the first one didn’t work very well… well, it would have if I used more gelatine and left it longer in the fridge to thicken up. The day after I almost had a solid block of pumpkin mousse and so I used it to make this little nibble (nothings gets thrown away).


  • pumpkin
  • vegetable broth
  • gelatine
  • cheese
  • salt&pepper


  1. cut the pumpkin into chuncks and put it in a pot with vegetable broth;
  2. soak the gelatine in cold water;
  3. as soon as the pumpkin is ready, drain it but keep the broth;
  4. in the blender put the pumkin, the gelatine dissolved in a little bit of broth, salt&pepper and blizz;
  5. if necessary add some more vegetable broth;
  6. now put it in the fridge and wait;
  7. wait some more!
  8. take it out and put it into small recipients, grate some cheese on top;
  9. take out the blow-torch and melt the cheese on top.

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