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Smoked salmon tartare with capers, lime and chilli

Smoked salmon tartare with capers, lime and chilli

Slowly but surely I can see that I’m developing preferences… I’ve a lot (yeah yeah) of recipes with shrimps and also some with smoked salmon. I should broaden my horizonts. But not today ;-). Today it’s about another recipe with smoked salmon. For once WITHOUT coriander. That’s a start, is it not? Anyway, it makes a fine little nibble. Fit for this time of the year. And here it goes….


  • smoked salmon
  • capers
  • lime, zest and fillets
  • chilli
  • olive oil, salt&pepper


  1. cut the smoked salmon into fine stripes and then into small cubes;
  2. add the capers, the zest of the lime and the chopped fillets of the lime;
  3. add the chopped chilli, olive oil and season to taste;
  4. leave to marinate at least for 30 min in the fridge and serve.

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