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The simplest truffes

The simplest truffes

Aka, why must we complicate our lives with highly difficult recipes for doing little chocolates (or truffes)? This is so easy to do, I prepared them with the children before Christmas. We had a loooooot of chocolate left, after having decorated all the cookies, and in our family it has become tradition to use the leftover chocolate to prepare truffes. The table and the kitchen look real bad after it, but the booze in the truffes helps with that 😉


  • melted dark chocolate
  • finely chopped almonds
  • dessiccated coconut
  • malibu and whisky
  • cocoa powder


  1. in a bowl add the malibu and the dissecated coconut and half of the melted chocolate, the other half in another bowl with the almonds and the whisky;
  2. it has to reach a good “rollable” consistency,
  3. take out yout a coffee spoonful of mixture and roll in your hands;
  4. roll in dessiccated coconut or cocoa powder,
  5. leave in a dark cool place until serving.

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