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Little chickpea chuncks

Little chickpea chuncks

As announced, I’m heading towards India. Man! That was a trip… getting all the ingredients together was half an odissey. And I thought that nowadays you can get anything (maybe that’ll apply only if you life in big cities and not in smallville). Anyway, I heard about these two shops and went to have a look.. next time I’ll have a translator with me, because apparently I would have been able to have all the stuff listed on the recipes, but I didn’t find them *yeah yeah, next time I’ll also might consider asking the shopowner* (like turn my brains on while entering the shop and not go in autopilot). The recipe I’m going to show now is made with the leftover ingredients of the chickpea and lamb miniburgers and the vindaloo.


  • chickpeas
  • coriander
  • cardamom pod
  • dried chilli
  • egg yolk
  • white cumin
  • salt&pepper
  • ground nut oil


  1. You could go through the whole thing of soaking the chickpeas and drain them and so on, I got them from a tin. Washed them under cold water and let the water drain away;
  2. put the chickpeas in the blender along with all the other ingredients and blizz them;
  3. heat some ground nut oil in a pan and drop bitesize chuncks of the mixture in it;
  4. serve with some lime.

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  • Reply
    January 24, 2012 at 16:53

    Maybe you should also have asked me to help you seek.
    Because I saw the mung beans but didn’t know that you need them 😉

    However, the indian food including this nibble was fantastic anyway…

  • Reply
    January 24, 2012 at 19:30

    yeah, but the 12 h prior soaking would have exceeded the time frame anyway… so…
    but ty for leaving the comment

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