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Miso soup with tofu, leek and lime

Miso soup with tofu, leek and lime

Seriously, I should try other foods and not always go back to Japanese. But what can I do? Last time I came back from the office I stopped at this bio-store, was looking for something else (chestnut flour and chickpea flour) and I saw it on the shelf. I surrendered to the small box of miso soup and bought it. And got a little shock when I heard the price. But it was too late. It was already mine. Now, back to the soup. There isn’t very much to say, is there? It’s just some hot water and all the ingredients prepared….


  • miso
  • tofu
  • leek
  • lime


  1. cut the tofu into small cubes;
  2. cut the leek into small rings;
  3. cut the lime into fine wedges;
  4. cook the water, add the miso;
  5. add the ingredients to the miso and serve.

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