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Rolls with beef and oyster sauce

Rolls with beef and oyster sauce

A very long time ago (believe me, a VERY long time ago) my parents took me for the first time in a chinese restaurant. All was different and new. I had (I remember it as if it was yesterday) beef with mushrooms, bamboo shoots and oyster sauce and fried rice. A classic :-). One that I tried to recreate with a little twist the other day. The ingredients are all here, just presented in another way.


  • a lean piece of beef
  • sheets of rice paper
  • oyster sauce
  • spring onion
  • mushrooms


  1. cut the meat into fine slices and leave it to marinate with the oyster sauce (ideally a couple of hours);
  2. cut the mushrooms and the spring onions into thin slices as well and put them aside;
  3. on a sheet of rice paper put 1 or 2 pieces of beef (depending on how small you want the nibble to be); a little bit of mushroom and a little bit of spring onion;
  4. close the roll and cook it;
  5. serve it with soy sauce on the side, sprinkled with a little bit of spring onion.

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    January 6, 2012 at 16:12

    Yeahh. This one was fan-****ing-tastic! 🙂 🙂 😉

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