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Spoon with duck and shiitake

Spoon with duck and shiitake

For this spoon I was inspired by another recipe I found in a book, it involved shrimps. Here, I used duck instead and it worked as good as with the shrimps (totally different taste though). But I think this one’ll be one of the last thai-influenced recipes for a while (even though I love thai so much), but I want to try other things, and so I’m heading for India :-).


  • duck breast
  • shiitake (I used the dry ones, because they yeald more flavour)
  • dry sherry
  • soy sauce
  • ground nut oil
  • salt&pepper
  • spring onions


  1. If you’re using the dried shiitake soak them in warm water;
  2. take away the skin from the duck breast and cut it into thin slices;
  3. cut the mushrooms into stripes;
  4. in a pan, heat a little bit of oil, add the meat and let it cook for a moment and then add the mushrooms;
  5. deglaze with some dry sherry and add the soy sauce;
  6. season to taste;
  7. put on the spoon and decorate with some finely sliced spring onion green.


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