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Spoon with duck, cherry tomatoes, rucola and parmigiano reggiano

Spoon with duck, cherry tomatoes, rucola and parmigiano reggiano

An old favourite of mine… the idea came from the first recipe book that I bought for my thinner half.   Years ago. I loved it, the taste of the duck, goes so well with balsamic vinegar, and the cherry tomatoes and the parmigiano just round the whole thing up. Yeah, and my mentioned thinner half cooked it (and it tasted really good, so I was not just being nice), it really doesn’t take much to do this one ;-).


  • duckbreast
  • rucola
  • cherry tomatoes
  • parmigiano reggiano
  • garlic
  • olive oil
  • salt&pepper


  1. Cut into diamond shaped stripes the fat of the breast, but not all the way through;
  2. put it in a medium heated pan, skin-side down and cook it for about 5-10 minutes;
  3. turn the meat and cook until done;
  4. take 2 spoons of the duckfat, put the fat into a bowl, add the olive oil and the balsamic vinegar and prepare a vinaigrette;
  5. cut the cherry tomatoes into fine wedges (we want to do a spoon); and with the potato peeler “shave” the cheese.

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    January 17, 2012 at 17:28

    Yupp, this one really is very easy to do. Even I can do it.
    And it does taste delicious! 😉

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