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Spoons with balsamico roasted pork

Spoons with balsamico roasted pork

So, welcome 2012! The ideas are here, I’ve a lot on my mind… not only kitchen stuff though. I will try to go back to more diety stuff, and try to melt away the little lovehandles ;-). But not this one, well… actually it’s not that bad, if you omit the onions, but even with onions, there is so little of them in the recipe. Hell, let’s just have only a few spoons…


  • roasted lean pork
  • onions
  • balsamico
  • butter
  • sugar
  • salt&pepper


  1. Cook the pork and let it cool (I used some leftovers), cut it very finely;
  2. prepare a reduction of balsamic vinegar and add a little sugar (not too much, or you’ll end up with caramel….)
  3. cut the onions very thinly and let it caramelize with a little amount of sugar;
  4. season them to taste;
  5. prepare the spoon by first putting some balsamico reduction, then the meat and the onions on top.

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