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Little chicken bites with bacon and a VERY hot sauce

Little chicken bites with bacon and a VERY hot sauce

Seems like the idea of sticking to India didn’t get hold of me. Too bad. But Indian food takes time. And time is a rare good around here, like with children not yet 100% independent ;-). But I’m going off on a red herring again. We had a sumputous brunch on sunday morning, with eggs and bacon, so, I had some bacon slices left to use. I had the chickenbreast in the freezer, and here are the little bites. One thing I have to add. My favourite butcher has these little jars with chilli powder in it. We went for the blowing-off-your-head ones, like 10 and 10++ (as it shows on the jar)… and OMG! I start to sneeze by simply cautiosly putting some of it in a little bowl with the lesser potent… the 10++ kills you, don’t know how but I got some on the back of my hand, witch I washed very thoroughly (didn’t seem to be enough) and everytime I rubbed my face/eyes with that hand I started to scream because it burned like hell. Like it!


  • chicken breast
  • bacon
  • mayonnaise
  • crème fraîche
  • chilli powder 10++


  1. cut the chicken breast into small, bitesize chuncks;
  2. cut the strips of bacon in half, it’ll be enough for wrapping the chicken chunks;
  3. wrap the chicken and cook it in a pan with little oil;
  4. in a bowl put same amounts of crème fraîche and mayonnaise and add a VERY homeopathic amount of chilli powder (or to taste…), mix and serve

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