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My, oh my, I had a laptop crash and forgot to save the draft *ohnoooo*. So I’ll have to rewrite the whole post. Anyway, where was I? I remember writing about being anxious to reuse the bamboo steamer, because the first experiences had a result that was lovely in taste, but hideous in looks *yeahyeah*. This time instead, I remembered to put something on the bottom of the, what are they? shelves? can anyone tell me?, of the steamer, not to use brute force (aka, not to leave the heat on blistering hot) and all went well *hooray*. But I have to add that my organisation is still not perfect… next time I should also remember that it’ll take some time… the rice alone took 20 minutes to cook, so…


  • rice
  • mixed ground meat (beef&pork)
  • sugar
  • potato starch
  • coriander
  • onion and the green of a spring onion
  • chillies
  • dark sherry
  • soy sauce


  1. chop the onion, the green of the spring onion, the chillies and the coriander very finely;
  2. mix in a bowl with meat, starch, sherry, soy sauce and sugar;
  3. form walnut-sized meatballs;
  4. put the raw rice in another bowl and roll the balls in it pressing the rice a little bit on them;
  5. cook in the steamer for 10 minutes, change the two baskets (?) and finish cooking for another 10 minutes, remembering to add some water from time to time.

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