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Cold cucumber soup

Cold cucumber soup

Now that it’s getting warmer again there is more room for making cold soups. Something nice that refreshes one from the inside. This soup is quick, refreshing and tastes very nice. It’s accompanied by a little bread made of pizza dough (a leftover from the deepfreezer in my case) that has been cooked in the grillpan…. Nonetheless, others who tasted it said “this is a little bit like eating liquidized cucumber salad”…. yeah, well… some comments could be left unsaid.


  • cucumber
  • yoghurt
  • ice cubes
  • black pepper & salt
  • dill
  • pizza dough


  1. peel the cucumber, cut it into pieces and liquidize it along with some yoghurt (better if greek yoghurt), ice cubes and some salt;
  2. roll out the pizza dough, cut it into rounds and cook it on the grillpan;
  3. put the soup into bowls or cups (depending on if you want to serve it as a starter or a nibble);
  4. and decorate it with some black pepper and a little sprig of dill.

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