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Mango, carrot and ginger soup

Mango, carrot and ginger soup

It seems like spring is reaching these latitudes.. It’s getting warmer and warmer and greener and greener. And the barbie has already started working again. *yeah*. Anyway, this means, one could start serve cold, or lukewarm soups again, maybe served in an espresso cup. After all we don’t want to spoil our appetite for what comes after that… or maybe not? 😉


  • mango
  • carrot
  • ginger
  • salt&pepper
  • cream


  1. cook the carrot and the ginger in a little bit of water and a little bit of salt;
  2. liquidize it along with the mango (one half of mango, 1 medium carrot and less than 1cm ginger, so the amount of ginger is very little, otherwise you’ll taste only the ginger, which is fine to me if you’re a gingerlover, but if you put mango and carrot in as well you might want to taste them also);
  3. add a little bit of cream
  4. add a little bit of maldon salt and black pepper.

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