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Spoons with portulac and cheese

Spoons with portulac and cheese

In a prior life (aka, as we still were dinks) I enjoyed spending saturday afternoons in the kitchen, doing fiddly little things and preparing stuff with a lot of decoration. Well, that time is on hold right now (I know it’s coming back, I know that *mummymantra*). So right now I still enjoy spending time in the kitchen, but the time is short, and so it is even nicer if the nibbles I think of do not require any cooking, for example. This is one of them, it’s all done without cooking, it’s quick and its very nice.


  • portulac
  • olive oil
  • maldon salt
  • black pepper (I use one from the Maggia Valley)
  • balsamico cream
  • parmigiano reggiano


  1. wash and dry the portulac on some kitchen paper;
  2. put a small amount in a spoon and start piling up the ingredients;
  3. first a little bit of olive oil, then little chuncks of cheese, the maldon salt, the balsamico cream and to finish, the black pepper.

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