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Spoons with smoked trout, avocado and wasabi sauce

Spoons with smoked trout, avocado and wasabi sauce

Green seems to be the new trend. I’ve recently bought two magazines, and both of them showed recipes with green stuff in it. Is it a good idea? Dunno, but it stuck on me a little bit and wanted as well to include some green into a recipe of mine (turned out, there’s more green in it that I thought in the beginning), but here we go …


  • smoked trout
  • avocado
  • limejuice
  • dill
  • crème fraîche
  • wasabi


  1. prepare the sauce mixing some crème fraîche with wasabi (adjust the hotness to your taste).. and this is green;
  2. cut the avocado into fine wedges and sprinkle a little lime juice on top.. and this is green too;
  3. wash the dill and prepare little sprigs … yeah, green;
  4. crumble the trout and assemble the spoon.


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