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Little focaccia&cheese bites

Little focaccia&cheese bites

How many times have you heard someone say something about having the eyes bigger than the stomach? Well… And how many times did I tell myself that I should freeze the dough leftovers from making pizza in single little bags? I made focaccia the other day and wasn’t able to just take out some of the little dough balls, it all came out, and it became a focaccia big as the tray itself. Of course we weren’t able to finish it on that day, and what to do? To eat it just like that the day after, it’s not tasty anymore… So here a little recipe to recycle focaccia 🙂 (all in ecologic spirit).


  • focaccia
  • ham
  • thyme
  • chilli
  • mayonnaise
  • camembert


  1. cut the focaccia in half lenghtwise, spread   some mayonnaise on the one side;
  2. chop finely the chilli and some thyme;
  3. cut very fine slices of camembert;
  4. on the focaccia with mayonnaise add the ham, then the cheese and then the chilly&thyme mixture;
  5. bake in the preheated (230 °C) oven for a couple of minutes, for it just has to warm up and the cheese has to start melting.

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