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Pancakes with vanilla whipped cream and berries

Pancakes with vanilla whipped cream and berries

Even though not all of the berries I used for this sweet are in season, at least strawberries are starting to be… and what a difference! I don’t want to go all green and ecological,   but let’s face it: aren’t fruit and vegetables that had more time to ripen on the plant better than those taken away still not ready and that had to ripen on the way? Yeah! so let’s also support our local farmers 😉 and use local stuff…


  • flour
  • milk
  • eggs
  • baking powder
  • butter
  • whipping cream
  • berries
  • vanilla paste
  • icing sugar


  1. prepare the batter for the pancakes mixing some milk, eggs and flour, adding a pinch of salt and a little bit of sugar and adding a little bit of baking powder at the end (the consistency of the batter shouldn’t be too thick);
  2. heat a pan and   melt a little bit of butter and cook the pancakes, staking them with a sheet of parchment paper to prevent sticking;
  3. prepare the vanilla whipped cream, mixing the cream with a spoon of vanilla paste;
  4. wash the berries and serve with a little bit of icing sugar on top.

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