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Quinoa salad with salmon

Quinoa salad with salmon

I was curious to taste this cereal… A colleague of mine brought it for lunch a couple of times at work and it seemed interesting (also from the definition of taste she was giving to it). And I’ve also seen it at the supermarket I usually go to for my groceries. So, a couple of days ago I went to the store, got it and came home with my coveted little packet of quinoa and put it in the cupboard. Started to think, what should I do with it? What would go well with it? And came with this recipe here… Actually it was very good, but next time, instead of salty water, I’ll cook it with some veggiestock for the extra taste.


  • quinoa
  • vegetable stock
  • soy sauce
  • salmon
  • melon
  • mango
  • mint
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice


  1. cook the quinoa in some vegetable stock according to the instructions on the packet (it’s like leave it to boil for 10 mins and then to rest in the liquid for another 5 mins or so);
  2. cut the mango and the melon into small cubes;
  3. cook the salmon in a hot pan (just sear it) and before taking it out add a splash of soy sauce,, take it from the pan and cut it into small cubes;
  4. chop the mint very finely;
  5. mix all the ingredients seasoning with some olive oil and lemon juice.


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