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Seared salmon with soy sauce

Seared salmon with soy sauce

Actually there was a time in which I wasn’t a big fish fan… and then came sushi. And then came all the other fishes that don’t smell like fish and don’t have (or only little) fishbones. And now don’t start asking yourself what kind of fish I had to eat… it was a long time ago. It’s forgotten and repressed. And here it is, a Nigella-Lawson-inspired recipe 🙂 and the step that takes the longest to do is letting the fish marinate 😉


  • salmon
  • soy sauce
  • fish sauce
  • lime juice and lime
  • spring onion
  • chillies
  • garlic


  1. In a little zip-bag put the salmon, soy sauce, fish sauce, some chillies and some garlic and leave it to marinate at least an hour;
  2. in a hot pan put a little bit of olive oil and quickly sear the fish (it’ll have to be sushi quality because the inside will still be raw);
  3. cut the fillet into thin slices and put on a plate with a wedge of lime, some spring onions and some more soy sauce.

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