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Carpaccio of king oyster mushroom and scallop

Carpaccio of king oyster mushroom and scallop

Seems like I have a mushroom-theme going on here… Already the second recipe in a row. Well… after having waited for almost a year to have them back it’s only natural to have them everywhere… Hmm, must think of a desert with mushrooms ;-). This recipe is also a little bit fusion-influenced, thanks to the use of the soy sauce, or, would you say that soy sauce has become a usual condiment like worcester sauce?


  • king oyster mushrooms
  • scallops
  • basil
  • soy sauce
  • olive oil


  1. slice the mushrooms and cook them with a little bit of olive oil;
  2. add a splash of soy sauce and let evaporate.
  3. in another pan cook the scallop, leaving it translucent in the middle,
  4. serve the slices of mushrooms with the scallop on top and decorate with some fresh basil leaves.

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