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Coupelles of mushrooms, aged cheese and speck

Coupelles of mushrooms, aged cheese and speck

And here comes the third recipe. With mushrooms. What is it with mushrooms? Maybe is the lack of availability that makes them so special, at least to me…. This uses yet another mushroom, the chanterelle. It has a lovely color. And a lovely taste, but that goes without saying. I think this would also go nice tossed together with a salad, as an autumnal starter.


  • chanterelles
  • white wine
  • aged cheese
  • speck


  1. clean the mushrooms with a brush and cut them into small pieces;
  2. heat some butter in a pan and add the mushrooms, cooking them for a couple of minutes and then adding a splash of white wine, season to taste, leave the wine to reduce;
  3. cut the cheese and the speck into little pieces and mix.

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