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Fresh figs with monkfish, pancetta and rosemary

Fresh figs with monkfish, pancetta and rosemary

I long had an aversion for figs… As a child I tried them once, picking them off the tree and once opened it, ihhh, it looked so wrong on so many levels. So, for all these years I stayed away from them, missing something I guess. Then, a couple of weeks ago a coworker brought them along, and I told myself, time to move on and try them again. And… they were good, actually. Not my favourite fruit, ’cause that will be something from the berries family, but nevertheless, a very tasty little thing. So here a recipe to celebrate this reunion 😉


  • figs
  • monkfish
  • pancetta in cubes
  • rosemary
  • olive oil


  1. cook the pancetta cubes in a pan without any oil, then take them out and put them on a piece of kitchen paper to absorb the excess fat;
  2. cut the monkfish into bitesize cubes and cook them in the same pan with just a little squirt of olive oil;
  3. chop the rosemary and cut the figs into wedges and plate.


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