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Tempura of shrimps, mushrooms and filled chillies

Tempura of shrimps, mushrooms and filled chillies

This is what happens if you are gifted a frier and have to empty the fridge. You toss some things together and start saying, ah there are 2,3 chillies left, let’s get them, ah and the cream cheese and the mushrooms and the shrimps. Plus all the things that one keeps regularly, such as flour and similar and this little nibble is already done.


  • chillies (habañeros)
  • shrimps
  • mushrooms
  • cream cheese
  • flour
  • corn flour
  • salt
  • sparkling water


  1. deseed the chillies and fill them with cream cheese;
  2. cut the mushrooms to size
  3. toss all the ingredients in a bowl with corn flour and all purpose flour mixed with a little bit of salt;
  4. fry and leave on a peace of kitchen paper to drain the excess fat, season with some more salt and serve.

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