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Mushroom terrine with deer filet

Mushroom terrine with deer filet

I think it was about a year ago. Wild mushrooms very pretty much available, as game and I thought why not try to remake one of the nibbles I did a year ago (look here for the recipe Wild mushrooms terrine with baked ham) and add a little twist? With a filet in the middle that would add another layer of flavor? So, this is very similar to the recipe I did last year, with the difference that there is a little surprise in the middle 😉


  • deer filet
  • wild mushrooms
  • dried mushrooms
  • gelatine
  • baked ham
  • ricotta cheese
  • white wine
  • flat leave parsley
  • butter and olive oil
  • salt and pepper


  1. soak some of the dried mushrooms in warm water and leave them to swell;
  2. pulverize some of the dried mushrooms (they’ll add to the taste);
  3. in a pan put some olive oil and cook the deer filet, leaving it pink in the middle;
  4. in another pan put a little bit of olive oil and a nob of butter;
  5. chop all the mushrooms and put them in the pan with a clove of garlic and the pulverized ones;
  6. add the liquid from the dried mushrooms, add a little bit of whine and let reduce;
  7. add the chopped flat leave parsley;
  8. soak the gelatine in some cold water;
  9. put the mushrooms in the blender with the ricotta cheese;
  10. squeeze the liquid from the gelatine, dissolve it in some hot water, take a spoon or two from the mixture and mix it with the gelatine, then mix it all together;
  11. put some clean film in a terrine form and lay it out with the baked ham, add some of the mixture, add the deer filet and cover with the rest, close all up and put it in the fridge to rest for a couple of hours;
  12. serve with a salad.

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