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Bombette from Apulia

Bombette from Apulia

One of the delicious things I had the opportunity to taste while visiting the fantastic Italian region of Apulia was the bombette. These smallest meat wraps with cheese, prosciutto and herbs in it. I soooo wanted to have some more (because, once you start to eat them it’s very difficult to stop, and the choice is so big) that I’ve tried to recreate them at home. Now, obviously they won’t taste exactly like the real ones. For one the meat tastes different, I wasn’t able to get the same cheese they use over there and also the other ingredients might be the same but won’t (at least in my opinion) taste exactly the same (unless you get the imported stuff). Nevertheless, it was a tasty little nibble. One I’ll make more often 🙂


  • pork (or beef or even chicken)
  • prosciutto
  • cheddar (caciocavallo would be the first choice)
  • parsley
  • black pepper


  1. cut the meat into thin slices and beat it until almonst transparent; they have to be really thin ’cause this bombette are the same size of a walnut (more or less);
  2. cut the meat into strips and lay a strip of prosciutto on top;
  3. add a little piece of cheddar and some parsley and sprinkle with black pepper;
  4. roll it together and fix with a toothpick and cook in a pan with some olive oil and serve.

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