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Duckrolls with iceberg salad

Duckrolls with iceberg salad

I looooove duck. I really do. And I know it’s not very light… but hell, sometimes you have to give yourself a treat … I mean, for those not oppressed by extra kilos, pounds, love handles and so on. Reading this it looks like I might be obsessed by dieting,   but it’s just to get in the mood of consuming less calories and really be happy about it. See? Went off on a red herring again… Need to stay focused, so on with the recipe.

And I didn’t even mention the local ingredients I’ve used for the recipe. Could you still use local when it’s in fact national? Well, they’re from around here. For one it’s the cheese: Sbrinz, a lovely hard cheese produced not very far from here. And then, there’s also the pepper. While I’m not sure about the corns themselves, the mixture is produced in a lovely valley in the south of Switzerland.


  • smoked duck
  • sliced curls of sbrinz
  • iceberg salad
  • Valle Maggia black pepper


  1. wash and slice the salad into fine stripes;
  2. open the cheese curls and roll them up again with the salad in it;
  3. roll the duck around it and season it with black pepper.



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