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Mushroom and radishes salad

Mushroom and radishes salad

One just has to get into the mood (voluntarily or not so much) and gets able to prepare nibbles also with an insignificant calories count. But still tasty, ’cause who wants to nibble on something that doesn’t tickle your tastebuds? Well, not me. I’m more than happy   – well, that might be a little bit exaggerated – to eat less and more healthy, but I don’t want my food to look sad and diety. So, last week’s homework was to find new nibbles with little calories that looked nice and still were tasty. This, is DEFINITELY one of them.


  • mushrooms
  • radishes
  • cress sprouts
  • sesame seeds
  • rice vinegar
  • soy sauce
  • sugar


  1. peel (or brush) the mushrooms and cut them into fine slices;
  2. wash and cut into slices the radishes as well and layer them with the mushrooms on the serving plate;
  3. sprinkle some cress sprouts and a little bit of sesame seeds on top and
  4. add on top the sauce made of equal quantities of rice vinegar and soy sauce and a little bit (vinegar and soy 1 soup spoon, sugar 1 teaspoon) of sugar, well mixed.

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