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Salmon and cucumber

Salmon and cucumber

Isn’t this an old classic? I mean the combination salmon and cucumber, isn’t it? This is another very light nibble, in spite of the smoked salmon, that actually is not very light, and also in spite of the dairy, but instead of using crème fraîche (those among you not on a diet would be happy to go with that) I used sour milk, which has approx. 12% fat pro 100g… But back to the recipe…


  • cucumber
  • smoked salmon
  • sour milk
  • wasabi paste
  • cress sprouts


  1. wash the cucumber and slice it very finely;
  2. mix the sour milk and the wasabi paste and put a small spoonful on the cucumber slice;
  3. add a piece of smoked salmon and decorate with some cress sprouts.

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