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Piggy cake pops

Piggy cake pops

Sometimes, just sometimes I go crazy about sweets. These cake pops are just the thing for me. Small, quick in preparing and you can do fiddly little things to make it look pretty. It may take some time to prepare them, but the steps can be divided and you can prepare the pops on one day and dip them the following day, or you can even prepare a batch and them freeze them all and finish them on another day.


  • left over cake (or pandoro)
  • butter
  • cream cheese
  • icing sugar
  • vanilla aroma
  • food coloring
  • candy melts
  • vegetable oil
  • fondant
  • mini marshmallows


  1. first of all you’ll have to prepare the cake (if you don’t have one ready, I bought mine at the supermarket… yeah, I know, lazy *ooooohhhImbadsosueme*), you’ll have to let it cool down completely, it’s even best if you prepare it the day before;
  2. after that you can turn to prepare the cream cheese frosting (not readily available around here, so I got do prepare mine myself) by mixing equal quantities of butter and icing sugar and the double of cream cheese and add some vanilla aroma, mix well;
  3. crumble your cake (not all of it for starters) and slowly add spoonfull after spoonful of cream cheese frosting until you get a doughy mixture, form little golf ball sized balls and put on parchment paper in the fridge to set (or 5 min in the freezer);
  4. melt a little bit of candy melts, dip in the lollypop sticks and insert them into the balls, but not all the way through;
  5. put back in the fridge;
  6. melt the candy melts, you want to put the liquid in a high and narrow container, so that you won’t have to melt too much of them, and if it’s too thick you can add some vegetable oil (or vegetable shortening, if you have it) and dip the cake pops into the liquid;
  7. gently tap the excess chocolate away and decorate (fondant for the eyes), pink cream cheese frosting (the same you used to form the balls, add a little bit of food coloring) for the ears, the tail and to glue on the nose (marshmallows) and the eyes and serve.

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