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Wrapped scallops with grilled peppers

Wrapped scallops with grilled peppers

Finally… finally a recipe that doesn’t involve minitortillas, you might think. Even though I think that it might have worked well also with an extra minitortilla underneath the whole thing, but that might be one of the next experiments 😉 Exactly! NO minitortillas, hooorayyyyy!! But there is another old classic of mine, scallops. They’re low calory, so got to use them 🙂 .


  • scallops
  • prosciutto
  • red peppers
  • sour milk
  • mustard


  1. cut the prosciutto into stripes and wrap it around the scallops and grill in a pan;
  2. cook the red peppers in the oven until the skin darkens, leave in a bag for a short while and wash away the skin under water, cut in half;
  3. mix equal quantities of sour milk and mustard, put on top of the half peppers and add the scallop on top, serve.

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