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Shrimps with cottage cheese and grapefruit

Shrimps with cottage cheese and grapefruit

This has been a hellovaweek! I was so distracted by other events, like planning and preparing a birthdaycake with Tinkerbell on it (yeah yeah) that I completely forgot to post the usual two recipes of the week. Unforgivable. So here I am, and to make amends I post one of the latest recipes. Light (as usual since 2013), tasty and quick.


  • shrimps
  • cottage cheese
  • pink grapefruit
  • spring onions
  • coriander
  • salt&pepper


  1. cut the shrimps into bitesize pieces and put in a bowl, add some cottage cheese (equal amount in weight);
  2. filet a pink grapefruit and press the remaining of the fruit to get the juice;
  3. cut the filets into small pieces and add to the bowl with the shrimps;
  4. chop some spring onions and some coriander and add;
  5. mix all together, add the juice and season with salt and pepper.

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