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Miniröstinis with cured salmon

Miniröstinis with cured salmon

Said I would publish a nibble that doesn’t contain minitortillas, and here it is: a miniröstini cooked in the oven with a little bit of sauce and some cured salmon on top.


  • potatoes
  • dill
  • potato starch
  • cured salmon
  • sour milk
  • mayonnaise
  • capers
  • spring onions
  • lemon zest


  1. peel and grate very finely the potatoes and then press out the liquid;
  2. put them in a bowl, season to taste and add some dried dill and some potato starch (to help them stick together) and cook in the hot (200 °C) oven for about 10-12 minutes, turning them at half time;
  3. prepare a sauce mixing equal amouts of sour milk and mayonnaise and add chopped capers, lemon zest and spring onion;
  4. put some of the sauce on top of the miniröstini and add a slice of cured salmon on top and serve.

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