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Minitortillas with asparagus and prosciutto

Minitortillas with asparagus and prosciutto

They’re back. I’m afraid I can’t live without them. What? The minitortillas. But I promise I will change and make less use of them…. whatcanIuseinsteadofthem?mumble.. it’ll be sooo sad to use cucumber slices instead. Maybe I could use piadina 😉 or dürüm 😉


  • minitortillas
  • asparagus
  • prosciutto
  • cream cheese (light, Philadelphia)
  • sour milk
  • black pepper


  1. as usual ;-), cut out the minitortillas and heat them through in a pan;
  2. in a grill pan cook the asparagus and then the slices of prosciutto; once these are cooked, break them down to pieces that’ll fit on the minitortilla;
  3. cut also the asparagus;
  4. in a little bowl mix equal amounts of cream cheese and sour milk to make a sauce;
  5. spread the sauce on top of the minitortilla, add the prosciutto and put the grilled asparagus on top; season with a little bit of black pepper.

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