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Red and Yellow pepper cream soup

Red and Yellow pepper cream soup

Even though I started the idea of this recipe without having minitortillas (seems like I’m obsessed by those lately), I didn’t make it and had to put them somewhere… What can I say? Super support, and quickly prepared. But, the star of the recipe is the two coloured cream soup, made only with the peppers and some vegetable stock, to get all the flavour out of the veggies.


  • red&yellow peppers
  • vegetable stock
  • soft tortillas
  • cream cheese
  • prosciutto
  • spring onions


  1. cut out some rounds out of a soft tortillas, spread them with cream cheese;
  2. add the prosciutto and the spring onions and cook in a hot pan until the cream cheese melts a little further and keepts the tortillas together;
  3. cut the peppers into small cubes and cook in vegetable stock until tender, season and blizz in the blender, serve.

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