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Roasbeef with wild garlic sauce

Roasbeef with wild garlic sauce

The wild garlic season it’s almost over, so better take advantage of it while one can and do something with it. And you don’t need to do anything fancy, it’s quite delicious without doing too much to it. Here a few slices from a roasted beef and the sauce, nothing more…


  • roastbeef
  • wild garlic
  • wild garlic pesto
  • sour milk
  • maldon salt
  • black pepper


  1. slice the roast beef as thinly as you can (mine was still too hot from the oven, so the slices aren’t so thin);
  2. cut roughly the wild garlic and put in the food processor along with a little bit of wild garlic pesto (to enhance the flavor), sour milk and season;
  3. serve with the sauce on the side and sprinkle some black pepper and some salt.

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