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Crostini with shrimp and radish

Crostini with shrimp and radish

In search for new combinations I thought about using radishes along with wasabi sauce… Wasabi is a kind of radish, so why not try to use them together for a little nibble? So these crostini were born, and they were good 🙂 *happy*


  • shrimps
  • radish
  • wasabi sauce
  • bread
  • black salt
  • black sesame seeds
  • olive oil


  1. slice the bread, very thinly (you’ll have more if you do) and toast it;
  2. heat a little bit of olive oil in a pan and cook the shrimps;
  3. clean and slice the radishes;
  4. spread a little bit of wasabi sauce on the toasted bread, put some radish slices on top;
  5. add a slice or two of shrimp and season with black salt;
  6. add a little bit of black sesame seeds and serve.

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