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Little fake cheese soufflés with melon salad

Little fake cheese soufflés with melon salad

This time. I thought this is the time to spend some more time in the kitchen. To not just throw a couple of ingredients together and look what comes out ;-). Plus, on the continuos journey for new nibbles with not the usual ingredients (read, not AGAIN minitortillas) I decided to use the egg and try what I think I mentioned in another nibble (look here: frittate with asparagus) and first of all use more eggs, and secondly beat them with the electrical beater (duuuh, I know…). So, check out the ingredients down below and try it out, it was very tasty 🙂


  • eggs
  • cheese (a semi hard one)
  • jalapeños
  • salt&pepper
  • melon (charentais)
  • basil
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice


  1. separate the eggs and beat the whites;
  2. grate the cheese into the bowl with the yolks, add some salt and some pepper and mix;
  3. fold in the whites, very gently;
  4. pour the mixture in some minimuffin tins (that you greased previously very generously) and bake for a few minutes at 180 °C;
  5. while the “souflés” are cooking prepare the melon salad by cutting the melon and drapping it with a fresh basil, lemon juice, salt and olive oil sauce.

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