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From north to south

From north to south

Back from the holidays I’ve brought some stuff with me. And even though I like to shop for things and decorations I just came home with food (and let also other bring some for me because of transportation and no room in the luggage), I brought a small cacioricotta with dried chillies, and nduja (which also appears in at least one recipe of my blog). So I’ve decided to combine the elements of my journey…


  • mostbröckli (almost like bresaola)
  • cacioricotta
  • spring onions
  • valle maggia black pepper
  • coarse salt
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice


  1. just slice the dried meat, grate the cheese on top, sprinkle with seasoning and chopped spring onion;
  2. add mixed olive oil and lemon juice and serve.

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