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Spanish salad

Spanish salad

I promise, this thime it wasn’t me. I asked my other half to go and shop for meat at the butcher’s and he came home with like a gazillion of different cuts. This particular sausage NOT included. This is one that I bought earlier. So we decide to throw some of the meats on the barbie and the sausage is one of the leftovers. Why not to prepare a little salad with it and go along with the “origins” of the sausage? 😉


  • grilled pata negra sausage
  • grilled onions
  • red bell pepper
  • flat leave parsley
  • garlic
  • olive oil
  • lemon juice
  • salt&pepper


  1. cut the sausage into rings, add in a bowl with red pepper, chopped in small cubes;
  2. add the finely chopped garlic and the flat leave parsley, add the chopped grillled onions;
  3. season with salt&pepper and olive oil&lemon juice.

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